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Things I Heard Today - February 12, 2009   
02:03pm 13/02/2009
  ...spit infinitives... - Christopher Moore, Chapter 1 of "Fool"

"I'm her mother." "No, she's not." - Kittens, Inspired by "Kittens"

"What is this?" "That's my penis." "That's your penis." - Cop frisking a guy, per FailBlog
Things I Heard Today - February 11, 2009   
11:33pm 11/02/2009
  I can make tomato... and ascot. - Jon

The way the letters arrange themselves spells out "TACOVOMIT." - Jon, per Lexulous

I like Spring, the LA Kings, and leather cock rings. These are my 25 random things. - Margaret Cho, per Jon

Suck on those oxen. - Me
06:02pm 17/01/2009
  I'd rather be crashionable.  
Check out my sac!   
05:10pm 11/08/2008
mood: excited
It's been a long time since posting in here but if anyone still has me as a friend, please check out my website culdesacmag.com. I'm starting a (for now) internet-based website covering GLBT issues, especially in regard to those left out of the mainstream voice. I'm going to be putting content up over the next few days. If anyone is interested in writing/webbing/photoging/etcetraing please let me know. Have a fantabulous week.
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Plans for the Future.   
07:42pm 30/06/2008
mood: hopeful
So, here we go. I have no time at all... but I don't care.

I am going to start a myspace music page with whatever I'm concocting right now.
I am going to send out my movie to that Brasil festival and my short story to some publications.
I am going to put together a chapbook for poetry competitions.
I am going to start that magazine. Who wants to help me by writing some gay shit?
I am going to NIKE.
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Band Names   
11:43am 30/05/2008
mood: content
Bye-Bye Billy and the Gizmos

Seventies Color Photography

Polaroid Film School


which do you prefer?
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Money... it's a gas   
12:37pm 01/05/2008
mood: uncomfortable
Why am I so afraid to spend money? I always have things I think about wanting to get, but I rarely make important purchases.

I want to buy a bunch of audio equipment. I think I'm going to on Saturday. It's really just a microphone and keyboard which connect via USB to the computer. And it's only $200 (plus tax) for the whole thing. I think I'll do it.

I also need to write more and smoke less. I think I'm going to start on that right now.

I also need to work out more and get in shape if I want to be on camera ever. That will happen. Tonight?

I can't even work today. It's simply not happening.
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RE: Shit Split   
05:39pm 31/03/2008
  This is mostly due to some really awful chicken chow mein.  
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Shit Split   
05:36pm 31/03/2008
mood: frustrated
Why do we run so fast and so hard for the finish line when we know our heart's going to give out the second we break the tape?

There is so much I need to take care of every day, and I don't get an ounce of it done. Because I'm "working." But where's my life? And why does everyone still suck?
08:58pm 26/03/2008
mood: chipper
there's so much i want to do and there never seems to be enough time but

oh cairo, where did you go?

i'm in love
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01:33am 23/01/2008
mood: contemplative
everything's turning green for me
like the thorns on a rose
a thumb ready to be pricked
a twisting vine caught between my links
growing and tightening
a little bit more each day
sprouting buds
most of which decay
most of which cannot even be penetrated
by sunlight
by a thin spectrum of visible particles
moving colder and colder through the air
swapping brightness for energy
branching out instead of establishing roots
all to bear one fruit, one seed
hoping something will flower
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Cute Things   
07:42pm 25/10/2007
mood: good
-- My boyfriend.
-- Napoleon.
-- Pushing Daisies.
-- Amelie.
-- Little children in corn mazes.
-- Zach Braff's Broadway Musical-themed Bar Mitzvah.
-- Kate Nash.
-- October.
-- Underwear parties.
-- Pumpking-eating dinosaurs.
-- Jess D'Amico.
-- Punk rock.
-- Jupiter and Teardrop's "Moonshine".
-- Lesbian hair salons.
-- Frog.
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01:35am 10/10/2007
mood: awake
No more LA LJ. Just the good, unadulturated shit. I am still striving to use this as a more free-form artistic journal as I go. But I have a blog now, so I might just say suck it. Toodles!
LA LJ: Day Forty   
08:42am 08/10/2007
mood: contemplative
I'm up early.

My stomach's a little nauseous.

I'm going to be waiting at the airport for about 4 hours.

I want to go back to sleep.

But I'm going home. And this is the end of my journey in Los Angeles. For now.
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LA LJ: Day Thirty-Nine   
01:52am 08/10/2007
mood: melancholy
It won't be long, yeah, yeah yeah. It won't be long, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm going home tomorrow. So excited.

I packed and washed clothes all day. Then we went to Zach's Italian Cafe. It was a nice little place, and try as I may not to disparage, my angel hair bolognase tasted like high school cafeteria spaghetti. Not that I'm complaining. The wine was extraordinary, we had Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We came home and had a little bit of a non-party. Peyton and I snapped at each other for a couple minutes at dinner, but we resolved it fairly quickly. Which is nice. I know when I really like someone that I'm willing to resolve disputes in a timely fashion, so I think she and I will remain good friends. I still have 99 Apples to bring home with me. Oy.

We watched Mean Girls and the first episode of American Queer as Folk (alcohol doesn't make it any less sucky). Dominic called and wished me luck in Chicago. That's a good thing, because I have a semi-good friend not from Chicago out here and an industry connection should I need it. I had my final Dunhill cigarette (Thanks, Jess!) on my final night. How apropos.

There's so many things I'm going to miss about this place. No more random people roaming by, or anybody forcing me to get up because it's 11 am. No more being talked into parties (no matter how non-actual) by Cameron. No more of the kind of selling myself energy I had to build up the last five weeks. It's a crapshoot.

I'm excited for Music Box Massacre and possible Lingiere Party. I'm excited for seeing lots of bands, and hopefully interviewing them for a thing I want to start on my website. I'm excited to begin my life as a post-graduate aimless 20-something, with all my lovely friends and boyfriend there to support me and me to support them.
LA LJ: Day Thirty-Eight   
02:11am 07/10/2007
mood: excited
The first day not having class anymore. It's rather liberating. I didn't really do a damn thing the whole day. I was out of the house a whole half-hour to pick up some dinner. I had a tiny bit of a hangover this morning, but that went away. I could live without that happening again.

I forgot to mention that yesterday when I was at Amoeba Music (fookin' amazing record store--movies, CDs, LPs--just a great selection) I saw Quentin Tarantino. He was wearing a kind of black and white Western cowboy shirt, looking through a big list balanced on the stack of movies in front of him--in the Martial Arts section. Of course. Josh and I just happened to be standing right across from him. But then a couple people started bugging him and I didn't really have anything to say, so I moved on. Josh kind of stalked around for a while.

We watched Dexter tonight, and that show is pretty revelatory. Great storytelling and acting, and it's so very watchable. I want to see the rest before I leave, but alas, I do not think I have enough time. I am curious about how much time I will have to watch TV, and movies, and read, and listen to music when I get back because those are still my interests. I need to find the best way to combine all of them, to be a constant connossieur while producing my own valid work.

I have an idea for a play right now that's been developing as I read the Punk '77 story in this month's Spin magazine. Maybe I'll get to it.
LA LJ: Day Thirty-Seven   
01:08am 06/10/2007
mood: drunk
I am so tenaciously drunk right now. 99 Apples does the trick, yay! I danced, I spoooned, I did whatever it took to be drunky McGee right now. We might go to DisneyLand on Sunday, I don't know. That's an issue.

It was my last day of class. Pretty much pointless. My teachers really, really liked a script they had never read and told me I should stay out in LA because I'm extremely talented. But I want to be in Chicago right now. For many important reasons.

But I sure am satisfied with the main reason for staying...

I went to The Darjeeling Limited today which was nice but had none of the whimsy of a typical Wes Anderson film. We went to Amoeba Music afterward and I bought Motion City Soundtrack's new CD as well as Dirty Projectors' Rise Above. can't wait to sample them!

Tell me to sleep. Tell me to do anything. I'm a drunken mess right now. No one even knows. They're watching The West Wing to protect themselves, but unless you're fully comitted to that man in power,nothing even matters. Just to fucking die for what you believe in is enough.

I hope Martin Sheen would say this about himself now.

I hope the world would work out for people like they wish it would.

I hope there weren't so many hopeless fools who made me believe that my baby was actually worth something.

I so don't know what I just typed.
LA LJ: Day Thirty-Six   
12:57am 05/10/2007
mood: curious
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is 100 times funnier than I ever expected it to be. I'm glad I watched it.

The pitch today went so-so. She had a lot of questions about the story, so I pretty much told her the whole thing, without thinking I was going to. It showed she had some interest, but the pitch itself was not as concise as I would have liked, nor as coherent. She had some good notes for the story, which I can use on another draft. That's good.

We went to Ernie's Tacos by our place. It wasn't so great, and I felt a little gross afterward, as did Peyton. I want Tacos Garcia!!! Wah!!! Took a bit of a nap... watched 30 Rock, The Office, and Supernatural (that show is fucked up! I kind of like that about it, but it is also not good).

Tomorrow is the last day of school. What will happen to my future? Who knows?

The Daily Show and my full bladder are distracting me. Calc you later!
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LA LJ: Day Thirty-Five   
12:32am 04/10/2007
mood: happy
I am in love with this song that is my currently listening play. I miss life(?)

I like new blogging. I'm excited about pitching tomorrow. I think the pitch I threw at Peyton today was pretty good. I just need to tighten a slight bit more. I definitely don't think the company will be interested since horror doesn't seem to be a genre they do, but oh well. It's just for pitching practice.

I really don't want to write this today. Just want to listen to music. And take that shower so I can look way good for tomorrow. I give up. I'm sorry livejournal.
LA LJ: Day Thirty-Four   
02:46am 03/10/2007
mood: productive
A television lady came in to class today and she was super-cute and super-smart. This was a relief after the first two rather boring speakers. We got to pitch a couple times, which was worthwhile, but then we only had about 20 minutes for lunch. I bought the white flavored kind of Naked, and it tasted really good at first, like a Pina Colada, but pretty soon it got very gritty and I just couldn't drink it anymore.

I started a blog at my webisite, one that I think is actually much more professional and articulate than this thingamabooger. I'll try to keep up, but I'm gonna tend for the writing on that after I get back to Chicago. I miss Chicago so much. I want to write for as many things as possible and I should probably get started on that.

I sent in my resume for an internship in a Chicago-based company. It's a paid internship (yay!) dealing in new media (something in which I'm very interested) which I hope I will acquire and be very good at. $10-12 an hour? Fantastical.

I had a nice nap today. Very uninterrupted. I likeded it. I feel like I got a lot more done than usual, which is nice (although conversely makes for a shorter entry). I talked to Peyton about the house situation and she is having the exact same feelings as me. It's good to know I'm not just a whiny bitch... or at least not just a whiny bitch alone.

Took a shower. The hair gel stuff I never use but put in today smells nice. I like it. It's very chemical-y, though. Next stop: the acting train. Let's put my eggs into that basket.